Our Services

Our team offers a variety of vocational related services for private individuals, lawyers, courts and public agencies.  We provide information about job, income and employment potential, such as loss of income due to physical, emotional, educational or employment limitations. We pride ourselves in our boutique approach. We start with a thorough consultation to determine the appropriate form of action for each case. We make sure to understand the needs and wants of our clients to ensure that they are receiving the exact services that meet their direct needs. From there, we do the appropriate investigation for each case before we make our final recommendations. We strive to make sure that all principals in the case have what they need to discuss the vocational evaluation process.

• Vocational Assessment and Evaluation
• Vocational Testing
• Vocational Counseling
• Job or Workplace Analysis
• Job Placement
• Life Care Planning
• Analysis of Expected Earnings
• Labor Market Analysis
• Qualified Expert Witness Testimony
• Maritime Expertise
• Case Management