Rebecca Sprick

Name: Rebecca Sprick

Education: B.S. in Liberal Studies with emphasis on Education from Longwood University and a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007

Experience: Becky began in the Rehabilitation area at the administrative level with the State of Virginia’s vocational rehabilitation program while a student. Following award of her Master’s degree, she continued working for the State of Virginia initially as a Vocational Counselor and then promoted to an Employment Specialist where she expanded her duties to career counseling and actual job placement. Her clients ranged with varied employment placement challenges including physical and psychological individuals with disabilities. She expanded a weekly job club for the State of Virginia Employment Commission that was available to consumers who were seeking employment. Becky counseled consumers in proactive employment search including resume development, interview process and maintaining employment with great success. She moved to the south Florida area where she is a valuable vocational specialist with SMA Case Management.

Track Record: For fun, Becky enjoys jogging, listening to live local music and traveling.